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The First NFT Launchpad on the Degen Chain is the first NFT launchpad and marketplace on the Degen Chain.

(Also accessible via, if you're of a more serious nature 🤪)

New kind of NFTs

NFTs created on are not your usual NFTs. Each NFT collection has a built-in pool which allows the NFT to be always liquid.

This means that you can always sell your NFT back to the pool (except if you're the last one owning it 😄).

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Tech stack

This app is built on top of various decentralized and open source technologies, such as:

There is no reliance on any web2 backend code/database, which means you can easily run your own instance of this app. It will show the same content as this instance, but you can add your touches to the frontend.


Feel free to contact Tempe Techie 🎩 or Tekr 🎩 via Warpcast.